Live Streaming

Reach a global audience and maximize your impact.  

Webcast Your Event Worldwide

Live streaming your event is the easiest and most effective way to reach a world wide audience of potential viewers.

The ability to affordably broadcast your event around the world has only become possible in the past few years. Your event can now be delivered to your ideal audience, where ever they may be.

Livestream Monetization

Imagine a simple way to generate additional revenue from your event, maximizing the many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you have invested, with virtually no additional effort. 

Live streaming your seminar, conference or workshop is an easy and lucrative way to double or triple your audience without expensive venue fees, and to reach new geographical markets.

Audience Analytics Tools

Engaging your attendees by simulating the in person experience, with live chat and other tools to communicate with other attendees and the presenter.

Live streaming features include:
• Eventbright integration
• Custom landing and viewing pages
• Automated email reminders
• Live Q&A with moderation
• Public chat and live polls
• Track when viewers come and go in realtime
• Plus many more!

Livestream Moderation

When attendees are tuned in, they can still participate in real time. Whether asking questions or providing input, our friendly, human moderator will engagement with online participants and ensure your virtual guests are looked after.

Additionally, during the event you can highlight key sponsors online, provide links to purchase offers virtually, and collect feedback with live polls and surveys.

Social Broadcasting

Boost the social media buzz during and after the event. Engage everyone in the room, as well as those outside the event by sharing content updates such as photos, videos and quotes to your social platforms, plus encouraging attendees to share their event experience with their network as well. 

· Set-up, monitoring, posting event highlights.
· Responding, and promoting the use of event-specific hashtags.
· Feature exclusive interviews, testimonials, and behind the scenes content.
· Leverage contests, live polls and other effective ways to keep people talking about you during, and after the event.

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